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Young Children

Counseling for Parents, Mothers
& Children (Infancy to 5 Years Old)

Ensure Your Baby or Pre-school Child Gets Off to a Strong, Healthy Start During the Critical First Years of Life

Your baby's brain grows rapidly during the first years of life, especially during the first year.

Research shows that having the right kind of care and stimulation during these early years has a significant impact on growth and development in later years.

2 Reasons You Might Seek Therapy with us.

When you Have an Infant or Young Child: 

  1. You’re struggling due to:
    • Difficulties adjusting to your new baby
    • Increased conflicts with your partner
    • Postpartum depression or anxiety
    • Worrying about your child’s development

  2. You’re coping well but want to enhance your child’s growth and development as much as possible.

No one is taught to be a parent, and no parent is perfect.

There is nothing wrong with wondering if your child is developing normally or worrying about your parenting skills.

It’s perfectly normal to want your infant or pre-school child to develop in the best possible way.

It’s wise to seek therapy support during such an important time – especially if you or your child are struggling.

Seeking help means that you’re a responsible and caring parent.

There is a wealth of research on methods that enhance your child's emotional and psychological development.

A considerable part of your young child’s development depends on your bond with your child and your interactions with one another.

If you or your baby are stressed, it can affect the development of your child’s brain. Intervening in the first 5 years of life can have a lasting impact on your child’s future.

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How Therapy Support for You and Your Infant or Young Child Can Help:

Diverse Children

We're Infant and Child Therapy Experts

At Love, Listen and Play, our therapists are trained in some of the most advanced evidence-based methods of infant and child-parent therapy.

We’re passionate about helping mothers, fathers, and other caregivers, resolve problems and maximize the potential for their child’s mental, physical, and cognitive health.

We’re caring and non-judgmental. Our over 10 years of experience has given us a deep understanding of the challenges of being a parent.

By providing critical information and showing you special skills, we aim to show you how to provide the best nurturing, stimulation and guidance for your child.

We show you ways to enhance positive interactions with your child through playfulness, expressions of love, and healthy communication.

Let us help you be as effective and confident as you can be in your parenting.

You’ll be relieved knowing that the stimulation and care of your child will help them grow into a healthy adult.

Want to find out more about working with us?

We'll discuss how we can help you or your family foster greater wellness.