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Putting You In Control of Your Own Life

Empowering Your Child to Create a Healthy Relationship With Technology

Restore Balance To Your Family's Life

By the end of this virtual two- part master class, you will

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What's Included:

A Two- Part Video Master Class

This video masterclass walks you through how technology affects your child and how you can balance their relationship with technology.

kids and technology
Valuable, Science-Backed Information

Part 1: Valuable, Science-Backed Information

The science behind how technology affects the brain, what causes addiction to technology and how to reverse it

Part 2: A Tech Healing Plan

Abigail Ortega’s will provide the latest research and interventions for healing your child’s relationship with technology and encourage them to find a strong balance between their online activity and their real life.

A Tech Healing Plan test 2

Plus a one Hour Live Coaching Session

Via Zoom with Love Listen and Play Founder, Abigail Ortega, LCSW!

Free Downloadable Course WorkBook

A simple and free resource you can refer back to at any time.

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